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Featured Projects

We were proud to partner with Intuit QuickBooks and Fox Sports on this national commercial. Featuring custom-cleat artist Jada Henderson, this ad brought out some new creativity in revealing the shoe design at the end!

Production Co: Small Batch Films

Co-Directors: Sarah & Nick

Produced by Nick, DP'ed by Sarah


NFC Championship Broadcast -

Intuit QuickBooks x Fox Sports:

"Jada On The Block"

We were proud to partner with Fox Sports and Dos Equis on this sponsored travel series starring host Joey Mulinaro. We dropped in on college bars across the country to kick back with former players the eve before some of college football’s biggest games.

Produced by Small Batch.

Fox Sports x Dos Equis:


Night Dos"

We traveled the country creating the socio-political non-partisan docu travel series that delves into the lives of a wide swath of people with the goal to bring us together rather than divide us. Produced by Small Batch.


"The Line"

For the holiday season, we made this Mastercard commercial about a grandson planning a nostalgic surprise in order to lift his grandmother’s holiday blues. A Small Batch production.

"A Real Christmas Tree"

Produced by Nick.

Filmed in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, Nick produced this project starring world traveler Jaci Marie Smith to promote the Citibank American Airlines credit card.

Citi / AAdvantage 

Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans

DP'ed by Sarah. 

Hear from Meta leaders like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg then deep dive into product updates, demos and more.

Meta "Conversations" Keynote

This digital docu-series hosted by sports personality Charlotte Wilder brings fans a completely unique look at eight of the nation’s most exciting campuses this fall on the Ultimate College Football Road Trip, sponsored by Dos Equis. A Small Batch Production.

Fox Sports x Dos Equis -

"Ultimate College Football Roadtrip"

Our heart-melting Subaru Commercial follows the the journey of a how little girl's illness may forever halt the spontaneous adventures she loves to take with her dad.

A Small Batch production.

"El Valiente"

DP'ed by Sarah.

Bvlgari installed a jewelry experience in Santa Barbara, complete with a fashion show at the end of the weekend playing a fashion film with footage collected throughout the experience. 

Bvlgari: "Cinemagia" Santa Barbara

Produced by Nick.

Kris Jenner’s MasterClass series on the power of personal branding, exploring how she built the Kardashian empire and all of its successful companies. 

Masterclass "Kris Jenner" 

Produced by Nick.

Shoppable and Peacock present this project to coincide with Black Friday shopping with Remi Bader as she tries a variety of items, makes recommendations, provides valuable insight, and answers viewers' questions to help them shop along.

Peacock + Shoppable:

"Impulse Try with Remi Bader"

360 DP'ed and Droned by Sarah.

Shot in flatty and 360 - See how a local researcher quickly detects the source of a meningitis outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh, using Chan Zuckerberg ID, a real-time pathogen detection and surveillance dashboard that helps prevent outbreaks around the world.

The Gates Foundation +

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: "Infectious Disease Detectives" 360

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